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Our Values

Intrinsically Inclusive - We accept everyone whole-heartedly regardless of race, culture, faith, gender, sexual orientation and we do this because we want to, not because we need to. We naturally care about individuals holistically based on their potential.

Caring Commitment - We have a long-term commitment to continuously care for our clients, care that is tailored to their individual needs. We will do what it takes to position our clients for success. Through our caring commitment, those who benefit from our support will strive to pay it forward to the community.

Enriching Community - We are enriching communities within Alberta and across Canada through discovering and nurturing innovative technologies, diverse talents, passion and determination into our community.

Unwavering Integrity - We have a strong set of ethics, and we ensure that those ethics are adhered to, without question, and even if no one is watching.

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Our Mission

Intrinsic Innovation’s mission is to provide world-class services to innovation-driven businesses and entrepreneurs across all industry sectors - we help Canadian companies get their products into international markets, and we help foreign companies expand or relocate to Canada.


Our Vision

Our vision is to have Alberta recognized on the world-stage as a leader in technology commercialization and to continue the evolution of Alberta as an emerging global technology leader, while retaining talent, companies and IP in Alberta, thus achieving a significant economic multiplier by having the talent and companies reinvest locally.

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