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Intrinsic Innovations Vietnam

Intrinsic Innovations Vietnam is a member of the Intrinsic Innovations Global Network. Intrinsic Vietnam provides professional consulting services and facilitates investing and settling in Canada, one of the world's best places to live and to do business. Through Intrinsic Innovations' network, the Vietnam team connects businesses with key industries, communities and Canadian government organizations that will help expand their business investment activity in Canada.

Intrinsic Innovations Vietnam helps businesses grow in Canada, and connects them to markets that include India, China and Europe through the Intrinsic Global Network.

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Intrinsic Innovations Continues to Grow its Global Community


We celebrated the opening of the Intrinsic Innovations Vietnam office on December 2, 2022. Andrew Sanden and Alec Wang, Co-Founders of Intrinsic Innovations, and Tristan Choi, Founder of Lupin Platform, and Tuan Le, Managing Director took part in the official opening ceremony of Intrinsic Innovations Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City. The ceremony was attended by over 200 people, including top level government officials, representatives of the business community and the press.

Intrinsic Establishes Scholarship!

We believe that innovation, international cooperation, and education are key to solving the world’s challenges around food insecurity, supply chain issues and rising costs. Establishing a scholarship for students at the Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) in Hanoi to study and have an internship in Alberta is a step in that direction and a contribution to a better relationship and cooperation between the two countries.

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AgTech Helps Farmers, Producers and Suppliers Be More Competitive


AgTech is important to ensure global competitiveness, reduce rising costs, improve the supply chain and enhance food security. Alberta's agricultural sector contributes approximately $10 billion to the GDP and employs 70,000. AgTech provides solutions along the entire farm to fork value chain to help farmers, producers and suppliers to become more competitive.

The team met staff of the Agricultural Genetics Institute (AGI) in Hanoi. It was a great opportunity to visit laboratories and learn about the type of research conducted at the Institute and major achievements in fields such as microbial and plant biotechnology, genetic engineering, and molecular biology. AGI is developing biofuel crops to optimize productivity on marginal land.

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