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Custom Tailored Services, Focused on Your Company's Success,
Your Team's Success, and most importantly,
Your Family's Success.

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Intrinsic Innovations works with its partners to realize the transformative value of a trusted global network, as well as through providing partners with exclusive access to early-stage companies that we have recruited from across the globe.


With our partners, Intrinsic offers insights into local requirements and expectations for business operations, intellectual property, human resources, legal and regulatory requirements between the two countries, and the sometimes-subtle differences in business culture and etiquette.

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Programs at Intrinsic Innovations take on a holistic approach to ensure our founders are positioned to achieve success for their business and for their family’s settlement in Calgary. We provide a longer-term relationship-focused program that supports our clients for a period of 18 months to two years. The program is very personalized and prepares founders on business practices and business culture in Calgary while also helping their families feel supported as they become comfortable in their new environment.

We appreciate it takes a passionate team to support the ventures that come our way. With tons of experience and expertise in and across industry sectors and verticals, we’re able to help all start-ups.

About: Welcome
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