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Our Extended Team: Team

Our Team of Expert Advisors

As Passionate as Our Founders

At Intrinsic Innovations, we know it takes a passionate team to support the ventures that come our way. With tons of experience and expertise in across industry sectors and verticals, we’re able to help all startups. Learn all about our extended team below.

Farahani Mohammad-headshot.jpeg
  • LinkedIn

Dr. Mohammad Farahani

Entrepreneurial Scientist


Chemical and Molecular Engineer, Startup mentor, MIT's 2020 "Innovator under 35", 3 patents, raised over $3 MM CAD.

Singapore, Canada, Iran

Yafei Xue Photo_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Yafei Xue

Global Ecosystem Builder

TusStar - Global Relations Director

TusStar Canada - General Manager

AI and Data Science Technology Transfer, founder of DataPiTHU, IE Business Graduate, Supporting Manager - European Enterprise Network in Eastern China
Secretary Member - Industry-University-Research Institute Alliance, Center for Intelligent Autonomous Systems of Tsinghua University

China, UK, Canada

Bradley W_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Bradley Wamboldt

Energy Technology Innovator

Principal Associate, Hawk & Squirrel Innovation

Chemical Engineer and MBA

30 years of experience in oil and gas operations, project development, commissioning, operations, and technology development with both Shell Canada and Suncor Energy.

Assisting large and small companies in advancing new energy transition and decarbonization technologies from research through to commercial deployment.

Canada, UK

Deepinder Singh File 2021-10-10, 10 47 09 PM_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Deepinder Singh


CEO - Prudle Labs

Translation supply management, global Go-to-Market planning, content transformation for local markets, Top 50 startups (of 22,000) in Startup Istanbul Challenge.

India, Canada

Andrew Buzinsky_Photo_edited.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Andrew Buzinsky

C-Suite / Catalyzer

CEO – Digital Wellbore

Energy executive with over 25 years of experience and a proven track record in finding trending technologies and scaling them rapidly to global markets.

 Canada, USA, Argentina, Norway, Germany, Russia, China,

UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia,

Kuwait, Iraq

Ayrat Nasyrov_Photo for Website_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Nasyrov, PhD


Independent Entrepreneur

Extensive experience in the innovation space, in particular with North American partners; intellectual property; market analysis; policy making; strategic and business planning.

Eastern Europe, Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union

  • LinkedIn

Farzan Havaee 

Adventurer Entrepreneur

CEO - Co-Founder Rambody

Startup founder in Fitness industry and Photography. Twenty years experience as a CEO in a Computer company,

Electronic Engineer, 

Product Manager, Software Developer.

Canada, Iran

Dimitra Katsuris_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Dimitra Katsuris


Independent Consultant

Promote innovation and how it can be applied in practice. Ambitiously bring new concepts and opportunities with experience in a multitude of sectors, including energy, clean tech, aerospace, and the arts.

Canada, Australia, Spain, Greece, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan

Tristan Choi Photo_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Tristan Choi

AgTech Enthusiast

CEO - Founder Lupin Platform & Dreamtree Inc.

Startup founder in the Agritech industry and Business Consulting. Twenty years of experience as an industry advisor in government relations, international business, and new project development and management.

Canada, South Korea

Neil Vande Bunte Photo_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Neil Vande Bunte

(Local) Connector

Fundraising, BD, & Operations

Early-stage fundraising, cleantech, agtech, and fintech. Local connections, with operational experience across 4 continents. Passionate about diversification and ecosystem growth.

Canada, Algeria, Australia, UK, Holland

Omid Titidezh Photo_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Omid Titidezh, PhD 

Startup Globalization

CEO – IEP Canada

Startup Mentor, Entrepreneur, University Professor, EdTech, E-learning, Location-based Marketing (Geomarketing), Canadian Business Adaptation and Readiness, GIS for Transportation (GIS-T), Logistic,  ESRI Young Scholars Award 2012 (UK, USA), Former University VP and City Council Member.

Canada, Iran, UK

Ravenna Chen Photo 2022-01-25, 7 41 19 AM_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Ravenna Chen

Global Trendsetter


CEO, TusStar (Malaysia)

Project Manager, TusStar (China)


Assisted hundreds of science and technology enterprises in business implementation, strategic planning, cross-border incubation, and landing. Co-founder of cross-border payment MiniPay and social beauty platform Uniqueen. 
An Indonesia and Malaysia Tourism Ambassador.

Canada, China, Malaysia, Indonesia

Andrew Berselli - pic_Andrew_Berselli_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Andrew Berselli


Canadian Business Development Manager, ATB Riva Calzoni SpA

Extensive digital marketing experience in the manufacturing, food, fashion, tile, and energy sectors. Extended knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Mentored more than 40 startups in the areas of strategy and business planning.

Canada, US, Italy

John Pitchko_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

John Pitchko


Senior Software Engineer,

Chord Commerce

Experienced in designing, developing and implementing software and IT projects. Specializing in fin-tech software and leading IT projects. Educator of Lean Startup and Customer Development methodologies.


Don Herring_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Don Herring


Volunteer Vice-Chairman, Westwinds Communities

Former President, Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC)

Expertise in energy government policy, the energy industry and task-force mergers.  Helps low-income and senior housing find sustainable practices, improve reputation among consumers and save money.


Denise headshot_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Denise Summers



Amphora Communications

A business storyteller and ghostwriter. Denise's expertise at detecting the right story and choosing the right medium to share it -- whether through video, a book, a thought leadership blog, website content, developing a social enterprise, media interviews and more, has led to success and sustainability for her clients.


  • LinkedIn

Colton Rhyason

Builder/ Creator

Customer Success Manager, Ontopical 

Experienced in recreation industry, agtech, social enterprise and now SaaS, Colton is a two time entrepreneur, coach/facilitator, community builder, and hubspot aficionado. Strong on Lean Startup, Customer Development and relationship building.

Eastern Europe, Balkans, Central Asia and Canada

Marina Cortes Extended Team_edited.png
  • LinkedIn


Venture Capitalist

GP (fund launching EOY 2022), fund advisor, mentor, public speaker 

Investor with a proven track record in cross-border transactions between Asia and North America. Specializing in tech notably, health, fintech, space tech, and breakthrough deep tech. Expertise in fundraising VC/LP, and market entry in North America and Asia. 

Canada, US, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan OR Asia, North America

  • LinkedIn

Dias Sadybekov

Risk Management Advocate

KPMG, IT Auditor &

Cybersecurity Specialist 

Systems and process auditor with cross-border experience in B2C/B2B/B2G environments. Strong proponent of the importance of risk management, an inquisitive mind with attention to details, a community volunteer and a life learner.

Canada, USA, Kazakhstan

Yojin Familusi edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Yoyin Familusi

Customer Experience Leader

Founder/CEO – Sewa Skincare Co. 

Entrepreneur with business focused experience in strategy development, custom success and advocacy and consulting. Strong collaborator with proven success in driving cross functional partnerships for business growth and profitability.  Creative, passionate, lover of life and dance. Naturally curious.

Nigeria, Canada

Dawn Sweany_edited_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Dawn Sweany

Human Capital Strategist

Training, Coaching, People Development and HR Executive 

Experienced in all aspects of People Development with a passion for business culture and intercultural management. Knowledgeable in all aspects of International HR. 

Canada, USA, Mexico, Norway, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Russia, Algeria, Colombia, China

Mohammad Keyhani_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Mohammad Keyhani


Associate Professor and Area Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Haskayne School of Business, UCalgary 

Mohammad Keyhani is leading the launch of the world's first university-based nocode education program ( He is also an entrepreneur, maker, author, generative AI artist, and a technology enthusiast. You can follow his work and entrepreneurial experiments at

Canada, Iran

Damarys Photo_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Damarys Zampini

Growth Consultant

CEO - Founder Sustrategy. 

Driven by your growth and strategic, leading positioning in new and existing markets.
Damarys is a non conventional strategist that focuses on real deliverables, because there is not 'one size fits all' approach, when it comes to business.
Global network and international experience is key in global growth.
Damarys is also a trusted Advisor to C-suite executives, specifically in Scale up Companies, with a true desire to Grow Exponentially.

Canada, Portugal

Siddharth Headshot_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Siddharth Janakiraman

Intellectual Property Lawyer

CEO - Founder Spaljan Ventures 

Sid is a distinguished Intellectual Property (IP) expert, blending vast business insights with deep global IP knowledge. His 17-year career as an IP lawyer in India is complemented by international experience and a knack for entrepreneurship. He has a significant track record in foreign market expansion and technology transfer across India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. Sid is the founder of Spaljan Ventures in Calgary, an IP Strategy firm, and co-founder of Aequiradix Private Limited in India, offering regulatory consulting to the LNG and global EPC sectors.

Canada, India

Alexandria Shrake_edited_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Alexandria Shrake


Innovation and Engagement Advisor 

Revenue-driven expertise in building practical, competitive solutions. Trusted by clients to optimize internal structures while considering macroeconomic factors. Navigate systems – trade associations, business communities, government bodies – through timely introductions to the right individuals.

SCRUM/Agile. Investor Relations. Government Relations. Indigenous Relations. Competitor Analysis. Risk Assessment. BSc. Geophysics. 


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