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Programs for Foreign Entrepreneurs


Canada’s Start-up Visa Program

  • Accessible through incubator partnerships and through Intrinsic Venture Capital 


Discover Canada Bootcamp Virtual Course (6 weeks)

  • Explore Life and Business in Calgary. Topics include life in Alberta, Law, Accounting, taxes, funding, real estate, healthcare, childcare, social services and recreation.


Market Access and Soft-Landing Program (1 – 20 days)

  • Meet with the business community, including potential partners, suppliers, customers, investors, and government officials.

  • Tour Calgary and Alberta sites, attractions to catch a glimpse of life in Canada.


The Building Life in Canada Program (12 – 24 months)

  • Customized Coaching Program to help founders navigate both business and personal challenges that come with moving borders.

Customized Coaching to strengthen applications into incubation and acceleration programs. Understand, build and launch in the North American market through Intrinsic Innovations’ multi-stage program

  • Value Proposition – formulate your company’s value proposition and product-market-fit (2-4 months).

  • Business Planning – Understand the voice of your customer, develop your business plan, and prepare your investor pitch (3-6 months).

  • Company Building – Launch your North American business.  Establish your office, achieve first sales, and hire local employees (9-18 months).

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Meeting Room Business

Corporate Services

  • Corporate services including business registration, office space, mail services, simple bookkeeping, bank account registration, assistance hiring locally, and sourcing local Subject Matter Experts.

Incubation Space and Perks

  • Shared office space with access to a business community

  • Health & dental benefits, soft landing with foreign partner locations, access to legal and accounting advice (free consultation), Hubspot partner, and Techsoup.

Business and Community Networking

Access to personal and family settlement services 

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